The electronic cigarette responsible for eating disorders according to a study


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An American study points to the link between the use of electronic cigarettes among young people and the increased risk of eating disorders.

We cannot repeat it enough: smoking is dangerous for the planet and for health. In a study to be published next December in the magazine Eating Behavior, American researchers warn about the real dangers of the use of electronic cigarettes, very popular with young people. According to them, vaping would increase the risk of developing eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia or binge eating.

Jason M. Ngata, one of the lead authors of the study, says the survey results “Are particularly relevant” because they found “An increase in diagnoses of eating disorders and substance use disorders during the pandemic”. Indeed, of the 51,000 students followed by scientists, 19% of whom declared having vaped in the last 30 days, 3.7% suffer from an eating disorder and 25% have an eating disorder. “high risk”.

“Vaping nicotine may be used by some to support eating behaviors and goals such as appetite suppression and weight loss management.”, report the authors of the study. “The higher prevalence of vaping among people with symptoms of eating disorders is cause for concern”. They add that it can “Lead to health complications such as cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological problems” which are already potential and proven risks for smokers.

Do more prevention

In addition to their analysis, the researchers believe that prevention must play a major role in combating these behaviors. So they call the young “Who have feeding or substance use problems” ask a health professional for air. And for them, doctors have a role to play. “They must screen young people for these disorders and substance use, especially during the pandemic”. Indeed, this period was conducive to more regular vaping, thus increasing the risks.

Last July, the World Health Organization also published a report on the importance of regulating vaping among young people. The WHO denounced the practices of tobacco manufacturers, such as the use of attractive fragrances aimed at “To make a new generation addicted to nicotine”.

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