The Equalizer 3: Now on Netflix – the finale of the action trilogy with Denzel Washington


The blood boils under the southern Italian sun when Denzel Washington brings justice again in “The Equalizer 3”. You can now stream the conclusion of the trilogy on Netflix.

The Equalizer 3 (Source: Sony Pictures)

No enemies, no unfinished business – Robert McCall actually just wants to enjoy his retirement in southern Italy in “The Equalizer 3”. McCall gets along great with his neighbors, so finally a little relaxation after all the action in Boston? Puppy cake!

A crime boss oppresses McCall’s new friends, and his sense of justice won’t allow the former DIA agent to simply stand by. So the brilliant one-man army springs into action and protects those who cannot protect themselves.

Finally available on Netflix in Germany

“The Equalizer 3” is not called “The Last Chapter” for nothing; the action thriller is intended to be the conclusion to the successful series with Denzel Washington. Whether it stays that way is ultimately up to Washington alone; director Antoine Fuqua certainly doesn’t rule out a sequel or a prequel.

“The Equalizer 3” has been available on Blu-Ray since December 2023 and in the USA the film landed on Netflix on January 1, 2024. In this country you had to wait much longer, but on March 26th the time had come for us too. The entire “Equalizer” trilogy is therefore available on Netflix.

Next you’ll see Denzel Washington in “Gladiator 2” alongside Pedro Pascal. The sequel, which inevitably has to do without Russell Crowe, will be released in cinemas in 2024.

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