The equivalent 50 cc NQi Sport electric scooter is €700 cheaper, not including state aid

[Deal du jour] Niu offers a wide range of electric scooters suitable for all users. The NQi Sport, accessible without a license, is a reference electric scooter, ideal for beginners and perfect for daily trips in the city.

What is the promotion on this 50 cc equivalent electric scooter?

The NQi Sport scooter from the Niu brand is usually sold for €3,699. It is currently offered at a price of €2,999 on the French site Go2roue.

The Niu Nqi Sport electric scooter is eligible for ecological bonuses and bonuses. You can simulate your ecological bonus directly on the dedicated page of the Go2roues site.

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What is this Niu electric scooter?

The NQi Sport is a scooter that has nice curves and a modern style, with its circular headlight at the front which gives its own identity. Its size is compact with a weight of 99 kg and dimensions of 180 × 74 × 113 cm. The NQi Sport is therefore an easy machine to maneuver and park. Unfortunately, its small size comes with some drawbacks, such as lack of space for larger legs, or for a second passenger.

The scooter, however, remains well proportioned and suitable for short everyday journeys, particularly in town, thanks to good handling. In terms of ergonomics, the levers and buttons are easily accessible and the backlit main dial is very easy to read. Under the saddle, a small storage space allows you to store a helmet or bag. An open storage compartment is also present. Note that the NQi Sport battery is housed under the floor.

You can also recharge the battery directly on the scooter // Source: Niu
You can recharge the battery directly on the scooter // Source: Niu

At this price, is the NQi Sport scooter a good deal?

If you’re looking for a practical two-wheeler, the Niu NQi Sport is a perfect urban two-wheeler, especially at less than €3,000. Its motor integrated into the rear wheel delivers a nominal power of 1,800W, for a speed which does not exceed 45 km/h. The scooter is stable and maneuverable, and has a Sport mode with more responsive starts. The front and rear hydraulic disc brake system provides a good sense of security.

The Niu NQi has a maximum range of 55 km. Its removable 11 kg battery can be recharged at home or in the office, via a 220 V domestic socket, or directly on the scooter. Allow approximately 8 hours of charging. On the accessory side, you will find a USB connector to charge your smartphone or use it as a GPS.

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