The error with the freezer that we all make and which costs us dearly


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Be careful, this mistake that most French people make with their freezer increases the price of your energy consumption bill.

Whether it’s the refrigerator or the freezer, we open them regularly, if not on a daily basis, without really pay attention to detail. We use the food we need, before closing their doors without worrying about seeing if their functionality is optimal. However, you should know that each time you open your fridge or your freezer, the fresh stored food releases humidity, which, in contact with the cold, can turn to frost. As it accumulates, the frost forms an insulating layer on the walls of the freezer. This results in a decrease in heat transfer between the refrigeration system and the air contained inside your appliance.

Results, the freezer works harder to keep your food freshwhich leads to overconsumption of electricity. The big mistake made by most French people is therefore not to defrost their freezer at the recommended frequency, either once every three months! Now that you know when it is necessary to take care of your freezer to limit your energy consumption, here is the instructions.

The right way to defrost your freezer

The three-month period between each defrost naturally also depends on the type of appliance you have. Some consume more than others, so they need to be defrosted a little more than average. Beyond the benefit of reduce energy consumptionit is important to bear in mind that defrosting is also the occasion for a complete cleaning of your appliance, which has an obvious hygienic interest.

The procedure is simple and accessible: after emptying and unplugging your freezer, you can place a pot of boiling water inside, making sure to place a trivet to protect your device. You can close the door and wait about 15 minutes. The defrosting operation can be completed with a cloth and sponge. If the layer of frost is very important, vYou can help yourself with a wooden spatula to scrape off the superfluous. Be careful never to use a knife or sharp object to avoid damaging your device.

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