The excellent Rider 5000W electric scooter drops in price for a few days

[Deal du jour] The Rider 5000W is one of the best 125cc equivalent electric scooters. With a sleek design and good performance, it has everything going for it, except perhaps a rather steep price tag. It becomes a little more interesting with this €300 reduction.

What is the promotion on this 125 equivalent electric scooter?

The Rider 5000W 125 cm³ equivalent scooter is offered with a reduction of €300 on the French site Go2roues. Its price goes from €4,999 to €4,690. Note that only the matte black color is available to order, for delivery in February. You will find the two-wheeler in our guide to the best electric scooters.

The Rider 5000W electric scooter is eligible for ecological bonuses and bonuses. You can simulate your ecological bonus directly on the dedicated page of the Go2roues site.

What is this Rider 5000W electric scooter?

The design of the Rider 5000 is reminiscent of Piaggio’s Vespa. The scooter is elegant and well finished, with a robust design. Handlebar in hand, it provides a good feeling of security and also benefits from good road holding. Its size and wide saddle are suitable for most sizes and it is even possible to accommodate a passenger, who can stabilize their seat thanks to the removable footrests. Driving remains simple even with a second person in the back.

The Rider 5000W’s hydraulic shock absorbers absorb shocks well, but you should still avoid bumpy roads as much as possible. Accelerations are sharp and can even be surprising. After a short period of adaptation, you will be able to make your starts smoother and quickly reach a speed of 50 km/h. In terms of braking, the coupled discs do a very good job. The smooth ride and safety provided by the scooter make it a very good model for riding in the city.

Our review of the Rider 5000W

At this price, is the Rider 5000W scooter a good deal?

300 € reduction on an ecological two-wheeler perfect for daily travel, it’s always a good idea. The Rider 5000W is equipped with a 5.2 kW motor, equivalent to a 125 cm³, which allows speeds of up to 95 km/h. Its battery with a capacity of 3.75 kWh, or 72 V / 52 Ah, ensures approximately 50 km of autonomy at full speed. With more moderate speeds, especially in town, the range can reach 80 km.

The removable 18 kg battery can be recharged in over 5 hours using a standard 220 V socket. The Rider 5000W also has an external charging port for recharging directly on the scooter.

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👉 Our review of the Rider 5000 electric scooter

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