The FCZ lost against the FCSG 0:2

The champions FC Zurich conceded the second defeat in the third game of the season at FC St. Gallen. Julian von Moos scored both goals for Eastern Switzerland.

Three games, one point: The champions with Aiyegun Tosin are not going to get going in the new season.

Gian Ehrenzeller / Keystone

Almost exactly three months after the sensational title win, FC Zurich is on the brink of a crisis. July was a total disappointment with the Champions League out and three league games with only one point, the goalless draw in the 2nd round against Lucerne. In St. Gallen two goals by Julian von Moos before the break prevented a better result.

In St. Gallen, FC Zurich did their utmost to reverse the trend after the break. But even when he played forward consistently and much more precisely than before, no goal wanted to succeed. In the 69th minute, Antonio Marchesano’s shot ricocheted off the post, five minutes later a strong individual effort by Wilfried Gnonto ended with a bang on the crossbar and in added time Jonathan Okita was unlucky with the post.

Coach Foda rotates a lot again

For the so far hapless new coach Franco Foda, positive conclusions can be drawn from the second 45 minutes. Despite the tough program, his team is not lacking in strength. This is also due to the German coach, who has rotated massively since the start of the season, possibly even a little too much. For the game in St. Gallen he changed half the team for the third time in a row.

In the first half, FC Zurich showed many inaccuracies and uncertainties in its game and suffered defeat in this phase. The strong St. Gallen striker Emmanuel Latte Lath repeatedly embarrassed the FCZ defence, for example before the 1-0 (20th minute) in the duel against Becir Omeragic. Seconds before the break it was von Moos who left the other central defender Karols Mets looking old.

While FC Zurich is in the worst position after three rounds than any defending champion since the Super League was introduced, St. Gallen is on course. However, he will be without Isaac Schmidt for at least the next game, who saw a red card fifteen minutes from time, and Victor Ruiz, who is facing a transfer for the rest of the season.

St. Gallen – Zurich 2: 0 (2: 0)
17 838 spectators. – SR Ensign. – Gates: 20th from Moss (Latte Lath) 1:0. 45th from Moss (Sutter) 2:0.
St. Gallen: Ati Zigi; Sutter, Stillhart, Maglica, Guindo; Witzig (60. Schneider), Quintillà, Schmidt; von Moos (82nd Kräuchi), Schubert (60th Akolo/69th Besio), Latte Lath (46th Stergiou).
Zurich: crusher; Boranijasevic, Omeragic, Mets, Guerrero (69th Aliti); Hornschuh (64th Conde), Seiler (64th Marchesano); Gnonto (85th Gogia), Krasniqi, Okita; Tosin (69th Santini).
Remarks: St. Gallen without Görtler (suspended), Kempter, Guillemenot (both injured), Guidotti and Ruiz (both not in the squad). Zurich without Rohner and Dzemaili (both injured). 69. Marchesano hits the post. 73. Red card against Schmidt. 75. Gnonto shot the crossbar. 95. Post shot by Okita. Bookings: 21. Boranijasevic (foul). 26 Latte Lath (foul). 78 Conde (foul). 87. Gogia (foul).

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