The fight has begun – “A lot of quality!” Salzburg counters Rapids CL cheers

The new season in the Bundesliga is also casting its shadow in terms of rivalry. After Rapids Christoph Knasmüllner described his team as a “really great group” after the 2-1 in the Champions League qualification on Tuesday evening, Salzburg’s players were asked by journalists on Wednesday for their self-assessment. “We’re also a really great team – especially with a lot of quality,” replied coach Matthias Jaissle.

Defender Maximilian Wöber sat nodding on the podium next to his boss and said: “You will see who is the better team at the end of the season.”

Basically, the former Rapidler Wöber has his ex-club, Sturm and the LASK – so “the usual suspects” – as the biggest competitors in the title fight on the bill. In the end, Wöber also named Austria. “I think you shouldn’t underestimate Austria either. They have changed, but it will be interesting to see how this team develops. “