the film promises to be a huge surprise with this crazy actor

The Minecraft movie isn’t ready to be released, but from time to time we get information about it, and the latest one is quite unusual. It concerns an actor that you obviously know.

The Minecraft movie is a rather special case. Adapting a video game into a feature film or series is a risky business. But this game specifically? So this is really a complicated exercise. At least the casting looks very promising, even if we don’t know exactly what we’re going to be told. On the other hand, we can have an idea of ​​certain sequences to come in the film, and one of them could prove to be… very special. You will soon understand why.

The Minecraft Movie Will Probably Be Goofy

First of all, a little reminder of the project is necessary. This adaptation is directed by Jared Hess, known for Napoleon Dynamite. We are promised a cinematic experience that will successfully capture the essence of Minecraft. To carry this film, our man recruited Jason Momoa in the main role, but not only that. He also brought back Sebastian Eugene Hansen, who will play Henry, and Danielle Brooks who will take on the character of Dawn. It is precisely this actress who interests us today, because she made a rather amusing statement.

She explains to us that we will not be disappointed with the world that awaits us in the feature film. She can’t say more, but she seems excited about taking part in the Minecraft movie. Brooks also teased the role of Jack Black, which will be quite substantial. He could even sing alongside the actress. In any case, she wholeheartedly wishes to share a sequence of this kind with the actor. If this is confirmed, we will be dealing with a very crazy story for an adaptation of the cubic game. Our curiosity is piqued, but we’ll have to wait.

It’s him [Jack Black] who does the heavy lifting here. He flies and he has all the technical part behind him.

I hope I’ll sing in it. You can’t make a movie with Danielle Brooks and Jack Black and not let us do something.

As a reminder, the Minecraft film has set its release for April 4, 2025. So it’s not for tomorrow, so a little patience. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a trailer this year, but we can’t be sure. When in doubt, we will avoid stating anything.

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