The first folding iPad would have something in common with bicycles

The first folding-screen iPad is reportedly coming sometime next year. According to information from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, it would benefit from a carbon fiber crutch combining lightness and solidity.

The iPad 10 for illustration // Source: Frandroid – Robin Wycke

Last October, we learned that folding screens at Apple would first take place not on the iPhone, but first with the manufacturer’s touch pads, the iPads. On Monday, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed more information about Apple’s plans for its first-ever folding iPad.

In a series of tweets, the TF International Securities analyst claims that the first folding iPad will indeed be released in 2024 and that it will benefit from a component that is original to say the least: a carbon fiber kickstand.

Thus, I’m taking a cautious approach to iPad shipments for 2023, predicting a YoY decline of 10-15%. Nevertheless, I’m positive about the foldable iPad in 2024 and expect this new model will boost shipments and improve the product mix.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) January 30, 2023

Anjie Technology, as a polishing and bonding supplier of the carbon fiber kickstand for the foldable iPad, is expected to continue benefiting from the growing trend of foldable devices equipped with kickstands in the future.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) January 30, 2023

According to information obtained by Ming-Chi Kuo, this crutch would be designed by Anjie Technology, a Chinese supplier. The idea behind this kickstand would be to allow the tablet to stand upright even when folded in laptop mode. The interest of carbon fiber would lie in the lightness of the material and its solidity. This is the reason why this material is often used on high-end racing bikes.

No iPad would be expected in 2023

I remain confident of a folding iPad in 2024 and expect this new model to drive sales and improve product variety“, also indicates Ming-Chi Kuo. Especially since, according to him, the production of iPads should dry up in the coming months. No new model would thus be planned in the next 9 to 12 months and the next expected tablet, the iPad mini, should not go into production until the first quarter of 2024. Thus, we will have to wait longer before discovering the future iPad Pro, iPad Air or classic iPads.

Remember that the latest iPad is none other than the iPad Pro M2, preceded by the classic iPad 10, both launched at the end of last year. If Ming-Chi Kuo’s analyzes are true, it would mean that Apple would not be preparing any new model in 2023 and would have decided to focus all its efforts on next year, with not only a new iPad mini, but above all its very first Folding screen iPad.

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