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Koh-Lanta returns for a collector’s show “All Stars” on the occasion of the show’s 20th anniversary. A legendary cast, an adventure animated by the iconic Denis Brogniart and ever stronger trials: Koh-Lanta is back.

Koh-Lanta, cult show for 20 years now, is back, always with Denis Brogniart as master of ceremonies. In this Koh-Lanta anniversary edition which begins on Tuesday, August 24, 2021, a great novelty: no trunks, no rice, only two machetes. The adventurers will have to manage to feed themselves from day to day. These difficulties must reveal and underline the exceptional potential of these stars of the show. They come to seek revenge for some, others, to prove their status as legend. The cast is impressive: ten women and ten men who left their mark on the show in their own way.

Clémence Castel’s return to Koh-Lanta

Here are some particularly noticed candidates We find Claude, adored by viewers in 2020 for his good spirit, and whose fourth participation. We will also see Clémence, who can boast of a double title of champion in three participations. She is also the youngest winner in the history of the game, having postponed it to 20 years in 2005. The emblematic figure of the show, mother of two children, publicly came out in July 2021 The casting is also marked by different ages. The oldest woman is 40 years old: it is Christelle, victorious at the 2008 edition in the Philippines. The oldest male is Patrick, whose second participation at 51 years old. The youngest adventurer this year is Sam, 22, who competed in 2020.

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Already underlined hiccups

While the show has not yet been broadcast, small clashes between the candidates have already been unveiled by Jade to Gala. The adventurer twice victorious in the mythical test of the balance poles: “We had a lot of ambitions before leaving, we wanted to support each other against men and in fact, the affect took the upper hand. (…) In my group, it went downhill from the start. It was enough for a girl to talk to a boy for 10 seconds for our pact to go up in smoke “.

She also highlights a gap between the different generations of candidates: “In this edition, the young people nicknamed us, Clémence and I, ‘the vintage candidates, the Ehpad adventurers’. It’s not very pleasant. We, at least, we know what the word given represents. other values ​​”.

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Video by Leslie Muya

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Asked during a survey conducted by the magazine Society on the show in December 2020, Xavier Couture, former deputy CEO of TF1 explained, that “Koh-Lanta has an unmatched ability to lay souls bare, to generate empathy and moments of ‘truth’, which are a guarantee of success”. This is what we will find out from next Tuesday.

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