The first of their kind – GasGas ES and SM 700: freaks dare to climb

gasgas. You only really know this motorcycle brand if you are particularly fond of motorcycles. Because on the road, the bikes from the Spanish manufacturer have so far mainly been found on trailers on the way to the next competition. But times are changing: From now on, fans can also step on the gas with a normal Enduro and a Supermoto, as usual in bright red.

Off-road Gas Gas was always strong. Trial equipment, light off-roader made for many laurels. Among other things, won Chris Pfeiffer 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2004 on an EC300, the Erzberg Rodeo.Zuletzt the Dakar overall victory at Gas Gas, with Sam Sunderland went in the saddle or on the pegs. This, however, is the traditional brand simply incorporated already KTM technique, because the Mattighofen (and are thus even in the Moto3 active) .Two New with known GenenNun so the Supermoto SM 700 and the Enduro ES 700. come your technique is known, namely KTM 690 SMC and 690 Enduro or Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and 701 Enduro. Visually, the Gas Gas models but clearly stand by her sisters ab.Der 693 ccm single cylinder four-stroke engine (four-stroke can be in gas gas well to say) with dual ignition makes 74 hp and a maximum of 73.5 Nm at 6500 / min. from which it transmits via a six-speed transmission. It hangs in a tubular space frame, which is to provide “razor-sharp handling and stability,” the manufacturer promises. The 13.5 liter tank is housed in the polyamide-subframe in the rear. Pillion handles or a mounting frame are optional erhältlich.Motor and chassis together Alugussschwinge and adjustable in compression and rebound fork are at Supermoto and Enduro being equal, the chassis and wheels (However, not only the profile) are different. And the SM 700 has a mm to 10 lower trailing auf.Top-ElektronikDie technical equipment as with its sister companies at its best: six-axis sensor, Quick Shifter for up and down shifting, Curve ABS and (switchable) traction control, everything Bord.Beide 700 versions bring two driving modes, where mode is one intended for classic road driving. Here regulate ABS and traction control skew dependent. Mode two is depending on the model, either a supermotard or an off-road mode. In the ES 700, this means a direct throttle response for better control in the field. So the driver can make the rear wheel spin when needed and lift the front wheel, without affecting performance. In the SM 700, it offers a more aggressive throttle response with Supermoto traction control, which the driver in Supermoto style drifts and wheelies can lie down. Both bikes the ABS is disabled at the rear wheel in Mode 2, to off-road to get a better feedback and drift on asphalt to können.Im cockpit opulence is less in demand, it consists of a simple LCD display and some Warnleuchten.Supermoto SM700Die road road machine is equipped with an Apex LG WP and front and rear running on a 17-inch aluminum wheels. The dimensions of the SM Continental Conti Attack Evo: 120/70 ZR 17 at the front and rear 160/60 ZR 17. is braked front with a four piston radial saddle Brembo on a 320-mm single-wafer, the rear wheel 240 measures mm.Enduro ES 700Die wheels of Enduro measure 21 inches (front) and 18 inches (90 / 90-21 and 140 / 80-18). here too, the gums derived from Conti, however, are TKC 80 which are equally suitable for use on and off the road. The WP chassis comes with Xplor- instead Apex-Komponenten.Mit 269 mm, the Enduro 32 mm more ground clearance than the Supermoto version, so that the seat height is growing by 37 to 935 mm. 25 centimeters of travel front and rear makes for plenty of room to maneuver. The brake disc measures 300mm front only, is slowed by two-piston floating caliper. The electronic equipment is essentially identical to that of Supermoto.Die Enduro is one kilogram lighter than the Supermoto, its dry weight is 147.4 kilograms. However, the price is the same, with which the Group sisters: 12,599 euros.
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