the first scene of Henry Cavill’s replacement leak

The Witcher series will soon return for its season 4. A new Geralt will be in the game, yet the first leaked images smell like it’s being reheated…

The Witcher franchise is booming! After the success of novels, then video games, it’s on Netflix that she has been enjoying good times for several years now. The SVOD platform has in fact monopolized the universe of The Witcher to adapt it again and again.

In fact, the SVOD platform is multiplying — even canceling — projects around the franchise The Witcher. But, of course, it is above all the series adapting the adventures of Geralt of Rivia and his traveling companions that captivates the most! Season 4 is currently filming and images are starting to leak, revealing a scene that feels like déjà vu…

Why is season 4 of The Witcher revisiting old scenes?

Last week, we discovered the first images of Liam Hemsworth in Geralt’s costume. The youngest of the Hemsworth siblings takes over after the departure of the much-loved Henry Cavill. This change in appearance is obviously not without worrying fans, even if the series plans to explain it.

These stolen images therefore give us an overview of the rendering of the actor and his stunt double in season 4 of The Witcher. But, they challenge us for another point: they show an event already seen in the series. In fact, we recognize the confrontation that took place between Geralt and Vilgefortz in the third season. How to explain this?

It is the Redanian Intelligence fansite which enlightens us on this repetition. It seems that the next season will open with several flashbacks recounting the Witcher’s feats of arms. These flashbacks would be launched brought by a storyteller, a certain Stribogwell known to readers of Andrzej Sapkowski’s works.

Stribog would tell the adventures of our hero to a group of children who intervene several times in his story. Everyone having their own version, this not only explains revisiting the fight with Vilgefortz, but also helps justify the makeover of Geralt.

We can therefore wonder if Henry Cavill will also appear on screen. It is not impossible that the series uses old scenes. This would reinforce the idea that Geralt’s image varies depending on the point of view. But we will probably only know all this 2025, the year when season 4 of The Witcher is expected. In the meantime, we can find the Witcher in a very promising animated fanfilm!

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