The foldable iPhone 15 is already circulating on the Web, and this version will greatly displease Apple

The rumor that Apple is secretly preparing a foldable iPhone has been around for several years now. The YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has exclusively obtained the prototype of a device which has all the appearances of this mysterious device.

Credit: Unbox Therapy via YouTube

We won’t know how Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy found this proof of concept, but we have to admit that the i15 Pro that was sent to him could be an illusion, from a distance at least. Lewis, who frequently received prototypes that conformed to the final result, did not take long to realize the deception. In terms of a foldable iPhone, this model is just a vulgar counterfeit smartphone in clamshell mode with an “old-fashioned” mechanical keyboard. Its chassis takes the shape of flip phones from the 2000s, not that of the Motorola Razr 40. Examining the components is sure to make you laugh out loud in 2023.

i15 Pro specs reveal processor MediaTek MTK6261D single-core, released in 2016, clocked at 0.53 Ghz. Both RAM and storage amount to 32 MB. Add to this a tiny 2.4-inch screen with a definition of 240 x 320 pixels and 2G network support, no more. Far from being an iPhone, or even a smartphone, it is indeed a vulgar cell phone that some jokers sent to Mr. Hilsenteger. As on the iPhone 15, charging is done through a USB-C port, but this is the only concession to the modernity of this clamshell.

This fake foldable iPhone 15 will not please Apple at all

Also forget about taking photos with the i15 Pro. At a time when the Samsung and other Xiaomi integrate 200 MP sensors in their smartphones, this phone only integratesa single sensor at 0.08 MP… on the back. No selfie point for buyers of this hybrid of iPhone 15 and flip smartphone. We therefore understand, Samsung has nothing to fear regarding the sales of its Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The rumor that a foldable iPhone is in the works has been around since at least 2021. According to Ming Chi Kuo, Apple should have launched an iPhone built around a huge 8-inch foldable OLED screen.

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