The follies of Vilebrequin immortalized on Google Maps

Update 05/31: Unfortunately, the mythical places of Vilebrequin follies created on Google Maps and Google Earth have already been removed.


Huge splurges have already been seen in Vilebrequin’s YouTube videos and they are now immortalized as places on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Vilebrequin is a YouTube channel run by two die-hard automobile fans of all kinds and they now have more than 1,800,000 subscribers, nicknamed the “loulous”. Every Thursday, they release a new video that starts with a challenge, a test or even a guide, always close to the automotive spirit.

Not long ago, they tried out a 300 horsepower “shark boat” and a little over a month ago they took on the crazy challenge of jumping a speed bump at 170 km/h.

Instagram @vbrequin

Vilebrequin’s Pierre Chabrier (left) and Sylvain Levy (right) have not finished surprising us.

In short, Sylvain and Pierre, the two protagonists of the YouTube channel, only back down from very few challenges. This video posted on April 28, 2022 followed one of their first video that had caused a buzz on their channel, exactly 4 years earlier where they were speeding at 130km/h.

With such challenges, these youtubers have experienced moments of madness that they are not about to forget, especially since some of them are now immortalized on Google Maps.

Vilebrequin’s “Saint Chabrier bush”

YouTube: Crankshaft

Pierre Chabrier rushing into the famous bush.

Carried by an old Saxo ready to be scrapped and following a challenge, Pierre Chabrier took the malicious pleasure of running into a bush [extrait ici] which has now been baptized “Buisson du Saint Chabrier” and has become a place currently rated 4.9/5 on Google Maps, also visible from Google Earth.

The “Saint Dos d’âne Vilebrequin” forever on Google Maps

YouTube: Crankshaft

Jumping a speed bump at 170km/h, Vilebrequin did it.

During their video where they passed a speed bump at a speed never seen before, they had taken the time to pave a real speed bump to regulatory standards. And even though they had to destroy it after the video was shot, the place will now be remembered by everyone with a place rated 5/5 on Google Maps and also visible on Google Earth.

Maybe one day these places will be visited by real Vilebrequin fans who will want to discover the remains of some of their legendary videos!

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