The former most beautiful video game in the world returns to the Xbox Showcase with an even more impressive 2024 version

Game news The former most beautiful video game in the world returns to the Xbox Showcase with an even more impressive 2024 version

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Among all the announcements at tonight’s Xbox Games Showcase, there was one that may please air simulation fans. Highly appreciated by many players for its striking realism, Microsoft Flight Simulator is back in a 2024 version which risks taking you even higher.

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A game praised for its realism

If you like flying and planes in general, you couldn’t miss the phenomenon. Microsoft Flight Simulator. Regularly, the developers of this flight simulator come back with a new version that is even more advanced and more realistic than the previous one, and players are always there to pretend they are real airline pilots. In 2020, they amazed absolutely everyone with a game simply titled Microsoft Flight Simulator. From, it was considered the most beautiful game in the world until the arrival of a certain Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.

Thanks to him, piloting enthusiasts could lose themselves for a few hours in the sky and discover the world from a new angle, all thanks to a very advanced simulation aspect but above all to a very faithful modeling of our beautiful planet. On the occasion of Xbox Games Showcase This evening, the developers revealed a new trailer for its successor.

Amazing flight diversity

If you liked Microsoft Flight Simulator in 2020, you might love it Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. Always focused on the same requirements of realism, the game intends to stand out this time thanks to an absolutely mind-blowing diversity of controllable devices. No more simple commercial planes and the most popular machines, this time you will be able to tackle anything and everything, and not just planes.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, you will indeed be able to pilot ambulance planes, aircraft dedicated to aerial advertising, private jets, planes used for agriculture, but also very different flying machines such as helicopters or even hot air balloons! It’s simple, the diversity of approach seems phenomenal, and we can only hope that the sensation of flight is still there. In short, this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 seems to be the worthy successor to that of 2020, enough to make a lot of people happy. To be able to get your hands on it, you will only have to wait a few months sinceit will be available on November 19, 2024 on PC and Xbox Series.

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