The French Internet is a big polluter, Windows 11 22H2 and Nvidia do not get along, this is the recap!

A very worrying study announces that the French Internet is very very polluting, the Windows 11 22H2 update and certain Nvidia cards do not mix well, the English police have arrested the person responsible for the piracy of GTA 6, it is the recap time!

French websites are bad students when it comes to the environment

We know it only too little, but surfing the Internet has an environmental price. By dint of piling up images and videos, today’s web pages are always heavier. According to a recent Senate report, digital is today responsible for 2% of greenhouse gas emissions. Another shock figure: a web page weighs 155 times heavier than ten years ago. Doomscrolling has never lived up to its name so well.

More details – The French Internet pollutes as much as 1000 round-the-world trips by car, according to a study

Windows 11 22H2 update causes framerate drops on Nvidia cards

Microsoft is very proud of the latest Windows 11 2022 Update. While the improvements made by the new OS satisfy the majority of users, some Nvidia graphics card owners have noticed significant framerate drops during their gaming sessions. A prohibitive experience quickly resolved by a downgrade to previous version Windows 11, pending a patch from Microsoft… or Nvidia.

More details – Windows 11: the 22H2 update causes big problems for owners of Nvidia cards

The police arrested the person responsible for the hack of GTA 6, and it is a teenager

The GTA 6 hack hit the gaming world like thunder just a week ago. That’s all the time it took the English police, helped by the FBI, to find the presumed responsible for this cyberattack. He is a teenager, a member of the Lapsus$ hacker group. The investigation and the interrogations follow their course in what promises to be a fascinating technological-judicial police soap opera.

More details – GTA 6: the police arrest the alleged hacker, it’s a 17-year-old teenager!

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