The French of DBL PONEY finally find a place with the Belgian structure HEET

Good news for fans of French CS:GO, DBL PONEY (or Double Poney) the French-speaking collective, has finally found a structure, they who for months had been independent. After the changes that have taken place at G2 and Vitality, the French community no longer had a 100% blue team to supportthis will now be the case.

The collective is very promising. The group of friends has, over the past year, gravity around the 25th place in the world ranking on CS:GOa feat for a team like theirs, without organization for managers. The members of the formation could not find a structure to supervise them, but it is now the case, since they are going to be recruited by HEET. The French sphere on CS: GO is therefore developing strongly, with the LDLC roster which is also in preparation. Fans are happy to hear that these French teams are about to see the light of day, Vitality and G2 having diversified and no longer including many French players within their rosters.

The 5 players of DBL PONY, Lucky, bodyy, afro, Djoko and Ex3rcisewill therefore meet at HEET, a Belgian structure already have a roster on VALORANT. The players had known an eventful 2021, since they were not attached to any structure. Whether in terms of financial conditions or even supervision, the collective was in a complicated situation. The 5 friends are however rewarded, those who stubbornly stayed between them, despite numerous individual proposals made by other organizations to certain members of the roster.

The objective of the DBL PONY this year is simple, enter the top 15 of the CS: GO rankings and establish yourself as a full member of the big leagues for this year 2022.

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