The French video market at its all-time high

2022 ends with a double performance since it is the first time that the video market has exceeded 2 billion euros in turnover and that the pay-per-view VOD market has exceeded that of DVD and Blu-ray (246 million euros against 235 million euros).

In 50 pages, the CNC details the results of the different modes of exploitation, the ranking of platforms and the behavior of Internet users, which varies significantly according to age groups.

After hitting bottom in 2016 at less than 1 billion euros in turnover, the video market has since started to rise again, mainly thanks to SVOD which at the end of 2022 weighs 78% of the total video market. French. At the same time, the physical market continues to contract and should reach its historical low in 2023 at 200 million euros.

The paid streaming market ends 2022 at 1.97 billion euros, up 13% compared to 2021. The three market segments experienced double-digit growth in 2022: TVOD increased by 16% to 162, 5 million euros, EST gained 10.2% to 83.3 million euros and SVOD climbed 12.8% to 1.72 billion euros. The growth will continue in 2023, posting a growth of 9% which will allow the paid streaming market to exceed 2 billion euros on its own.

The TVOD market (rental and purchase) derives 83% of its turnover from the cinema. American cinema is by far the majority (67.1% of turnover), while French cinema accounts for 29.9% of turnover. In 2022, the average price of a VOD session was 3.67 euros for rental and 9.45 euros in EST. Heritage cinema, accessible on a large number of French platforms, is doing well, representing just over 12% of TVOD’s turnover. However, TVOD has a reservoir of customers, as 15% of Internet users have rented or purchased content in the last 30 days of 2022.

53.2% of French Internet users used an SVOD platform in September 2022, according to the latest figures communicated by the CNC. Unlike TVOD, the popularity of SVOD is mainly based on series since they capture 70.3% of SVOD consumption, against 21.9% for cinema. There too, the margin for progress of SVOD is significant if we compare the subscription rate to at least one platform: it is 47.3% in France while it reaches 89% in the United States. Another major difference with the American market: SVOD users use 1.9 services on average and only 4.2% have used more than 3.

2023 will be a very busy year as the streaming market continues to evolve and offer new perspectives to publishers but also to consumers. The theater recovered at the end of the year, which should benefit TVOD from the first quarter. On the SVOD side, forecasts point to a slowdown in growth among the major players (Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video) and a possible disappearance of Salto, but to compensate, there are new offers based on ads that streamers think will boost recruitment. And then there are the free FAST channels which are developing rapidly and which are appearing on all screens, ready to eat up time at SVOD.

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