The future inhabitants of the metaverse

Between oneself

For the past few weeks, there has been a good way for those who have fallen asleep in a meeting to show that you remain very involved in the future of your business: ask “And for the metaverse, what do we do?” ” The effect is guaranteed. Because, “Information superhighways” In terms “User generated contents” (the content generated by users around a brand), the future has always been rich in keywords to repeat to pride ourselves on having seen tomorrow before others.

But the buzz of the metaverse – this virtual world (beyond the universe, etymologically) in which we will live our digital lives – has set in with unprecedented speed. It started when Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg announced on October 18 his plans to rename his company Meta and hire 10,000 people in Europe to build the Metaverse.

Discovering that Facebook would see itself as a giant octopus makes it possible to generate “ NS Against Zuckerberg’s cheeky idea. He proposes to migrate to a virtual world once we have finished bitching Earth, which will save us tickets to space, the other plan B in vogue among tech billionaires.

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Attacked in the United States for the toxicity of Facebook and its other brands on the mental health of its users and on the interference with the functioning of democracy, Mark Zuckerberg was surely as eager to change the topic of conversation as he was the name of the company. . By creating this metaverse hype, maybe he thought it would soften his image. We will be living in virtual life, so it will be less dangerous when meta-addictions lead meta-teens to meta-depressions.

How do we recognize them?

The new metaverse enthusiasts had understood nothing about blockchain or NFT. This time, they weren’t going to miss out on this new world, a little easier to imagine. By pretending not to be horrified, they feel like they are one step ahead. They’re sharing forums on the metaverse and the future of the Internet on LinkedIn while their kid, who plays in his bedroom on the online multiplayer game Roblox, is already there.

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How they talk

“What about the metaverse?” “ “Nike will put the package on the metaverse, and U.S ? “ “We must make a metaverse of culture. »« Yes, but you are not on target. “ “The younger generations will grow up with it. “ ” Did you see Ready Player One [film de Steven Spielberg sorti en 2018 sur un monde virtuel] ? “People already value their online life more than anything else. ”

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