the future of mobile devices is taking shape with new ARM technologies

ARM opened the Computex trade show with three new CPU cores and fifth-generation graphics processors. Its most powerful CPU core, the Cortex-X4, promises superior performance with improved power efficiency,

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ARM presented its latest solutions at Computex, including the Cortex-X4, its latest CPU. The medium-sized Cortex-A720 and the small Cortex-A520 were also unveiled, promising performance and efficiency. Separately, ARM has also introduced its fifth-generation graphics processing units (GPUs), including Immortalis G720the Mali G720 and the Mali G620.

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ARM unveils powerful new CPU cores

The new Cortex-X4 is designed to deliver 15% better performance than the X3, while operating at equivalent power. As a reminder, the X3 had itself achieved a 25% speed increase compared to the X2. Additionally, the X4 offers a significant reduction in power consumption of 40% for comparable performance. The X4 is optimized for speed and is poised to be the fastest CPU core ever created by ARM, with clock frequencies up to 3.4 GHz.

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Meanwhile, the mid-size Cortex-A720 is ARM’s latest generation of large cores, optimized for efficiency, which means it’s ideal for tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as video games, video editing and 3D rendering. The A720 is 20% more efficient than the A715, which itself was 20% more efficient than the A710. This means the A720 can deliver the same performance as the A715 while consuming 20% ​​less power, or the same performance as the A710 while consuming 40% less power.

Finally, the Cortex-A520 is a so-called heart in-order, meaning it executes instructions in the order they are received. It is designed in such a way that two cores can share execution units, allowing ARM to reduce the size of the core and the amount of silicon it takes up. It also allows the A520 to be 22% more efficient than the A510.

Coming soon to Qualcomm, MediaTek, Google and Samsung

These new ARM processors will be integrated into systems on a chip (SoC) from various manufacturers such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Google and probably also Samsung, for its Exynos range.

As a reminder, a system on chip is a technology that groups all the necessary components of a computer or other computer system on a single microelectronic chip. In the case of mobile processors, for example, an SoC can include a CPU, GPU, NPU, memory, modem, input/output controllers, and other functionality.

Additionally, there is a rumor that ARM is considering marketing its own SoCs directly. If confirmed, it would mark a major shift for the company, which is currently better known as a designer of processor technologies that it licenses to other manufacturers, rather than a chipmaker in its own right. .

Moreover, ARM offers Total Compute Solutions (TCS23), an integrated suite of technologies to facilitate the work of SoC manufacturers. A kind of reference platform. This is exactly what MediaTek uses with its new Dimensity 9200 chip.

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