The future of Sonic Frontiers in the works

Released on November 8, Sonic Frontiers is already projected into the future. Indeed, Sega has already announced the arrival of new content for its title and presents its roadmap for 2023, reporting three planned updates.

Roadmap 2023 for Sonic Frontiers

The first will mark the appearance of a photo mode, a jukebox and also new challenge modes. The second update should be there to celebrate Sonic’s birthday. It will include new open area challenges and a new Koco to unearth. Finally, the third update will undoubtedly be the most awaited by players. It will obviously offer the possibility of playing 3 new characters, namely Tails, Knuckles and Amy and should offer a new story related to Sage.

If no precise release date has yet been communicated for these 3 updates, we know however that they will be free for all players who already have Sonic Frontiers. Note that while waiting for these updates, players will be able to download, from December 21, 2022, the Festive Outfit to put our favorite hedgehog in Christmas color. We look forward.

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