The Gendarme gets married: which famous Disney villain has the voice of Claude Gensac?

While Claude Gensac makes his first appearance in “Le Gendarme se marie” this evening on M6, find out which famous Disney villain is dubbed by the actress?

A new character in the “Le Gendarme” saga, Josépha Le François, played by Claude Gensac, made his first appearance in Le Gendarme se marie (1968). His meeting with the chief sergeant Cruchot (Louis de Funès) sparks, both literally and figuratively!

But Claude Gensac has not always played the wives who are a little too patient with their angry husbands in the films with De Funès, she has also done dubbing and not the least, in particular to play a villain at Disney!

Indeed, during the 1960s, Mickey’s company had all its animation classics redubbed by contemporary actors, in order to make the films more accessible to the new generation. These dubbings are those that the generation of the years 70 to 2000 knew during their childhood.

And on this occasion, in 1962, Gensac recorded the French voice of the Witch Queen, also called the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is also interesting to note that, contrary to the original version, the voice of the witch (the queen, once transformed into an old woman) is dubbed by someone else, although it is the same character.

It is in any case the faithful actress of the films of Louis de Funès (she is also in Oscar or Les Grandes vacances, among many others) who pronounces the famous question to the mirror: “Who has perfect and pure beauty?”


The queen has the voice of Claude Gensac

Claude Gensac is not the only member of the cast of Gendarmes to have had links with Disney, since Christian Marin (Merlot) doubles the mole of Bambi during the first dubbing of the film and Michel Modo (Berlicot) does the voice of the cook of Kuzco, the Megalo Emperor.

Above all, there is an audio story of the Aristocats of which Louis de Funès is the narrator, with his recognizable voice and his talent for bringing the texts to life. To listen without moderation.

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