The Globe Coffee B coffee maker and its eco-friendly capsules have arrived at the lab!

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Digital did not resist the temptation. We obviously wanted to test the Coffee B Globe coffee maker and its capsules without packaging. The machine is now in the laboratory, an opportunity for our teams to test a new mechanism. Because yes, these more environmentally friendly pods are not designed in the same way as aluminum or plastic pods.

To extract the coffee from these little balls, the Globe benefits from a patented percolation system. Since the pods are usually very firm (their 5.5 g of coffee are packed), the coffee maker must first moisten the capsule to soften it. The machine then presses the ball, punctures it and injects water at high pressure. The pump can also deliver up to 19 bars.

A dispensable pod dispenser

Playful, the Globe comes with a removable pod dispenser. Positioned on top of the machine, it has nine slots and releases a ball of coffee which then slides towards the percolator – which reminds us a bit of a pinball machine. Made of transparent plastic, this distributor still makes us doubt the good conservation of the coffee, which should normally be stored away from light and protected from drafts. Let’s be clear, this piece is a gimmick; it is possible to place a ball directly in the hole going to the percolator.

The distributor is positioned on the top.

The distributor is positioned on the top.

The user has the choice between two different cup lengths. In both cases, he will first have to operate the side lever in order to prepare the extraction process. The manufacturer then announces a preheating of 15 s, followed by an infusion of 25 s. We will obviously verify these statements during our laboratory tests. The 1.3 liter water tank has a good capacity for a compact coffee maker: the Globe measures 30.9 cm in height, 15 cm in width and 37.3 cm in depth. It should make about 32 espressos before refilling.

This is the Globe's control panel.

This is the Globe’s control panel.

A coherent eco-responsible approach

Finally, in line with the capsules without packaging, the Globe wants to be more respectful of the environment. The coffee maker is notably designed with approximately 34% recycled materials for the black color and 15% for the white machine. Also, it tries to save energy by going to sleep one minute after having dispensed the last coffee.

Finally, Coffee B wanted its modular coffee maker with the aim of increased durability and repairability. This is why the percolator, the pump, the nozzle, the heating system and the electronics are replaceable separately. The machine would therefore be 74% recyclable.

Remember that the Globe coffee maker is sold from €179 and that it is unfortunately the only one currently using pods without Coffee B packaging. To find out more, stay tuned: the test will be online soon!

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