The good news of the week: male contraception is born!

  • Good news number 1 : Effective contraception without hormones and without long-term consequences has been released for men. In the end, that only seems fair, because let us remember: for a large part of her life, a woman is fertile once a month, a man is fertile 24 hours a day. There is therefore a new method of heat contraception. .

Invented by German engineer Rebecca Weis, the testicle bath won first prize in the James Dyson Awards in Germany and is awaiting funding to be able to frame the entire process with clinical trials. This kind of small bathtub called COSO contains both hot water and ultrasound, which will modify the mobility of the spermatozoa. Thus, they cannot fertilize a possible oocyte. The device would provide protection for several months.
In France, there is also the heated brief, or boulocho. The only drawback: to be effective, it must be worn 15 hours a day. It is the same principle: the thermal method, which by increasing the temperature of the testes by two degrees reduces the rate of motile spermatozoa in the semen. This allows it to be considered sterile. To be sure that it works, it is better to do an analysis before wearing thermal contraception, to check your sperm count. Then, the man must use the thermal contraceptive method for three months, every day, so that the number of sperm decreases. After this period, it is necessary to redo an analysis to verify that the man is indeed sterile, and it is in the pocket.

  • Good news number 2 : a charter of good gynecological practices has been put forward by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF), and signed by the profession. We explain everything to you on our Instagram account below:
  • Good news number 3: Jane Goodall, a British ethnologist and anthropologist, has created a new campaign called Trees For Jane. With this initiative, it aims to plant 1,000 billion trees by 2030. We know the importance of trees for filtering the air and regulating the temperature, but also their positive influence on morale. How then to protect them? With this initiative, you can make a donation in favor of the protection of forests and their native custodians; or donate to support global projects, supported by NGOs for reforestation. Finally, it is also possible to register a tree planted by you, according to the guide provided by the campaign. Because our health also depends on that of living beings on the planet!

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