The Google Pixel 6 Pro should recognize you soon

According to 9to5Google, Google was indeed planning to include a Face Unlock function for its Pixel 6 Pro and would even be preparing to roll it out in the coming weeks.

The Pixel 6 take advantage of Android 12 natively // Source: Anthony Wonner — Frandroid

It was expected, it would finally seem imminent. As reported 9to5GoogleGoogle’s initial plan for its Pixel 6 Pro was indeed to launch its flagship with a facial unlocking feature, as had been mentioned previously.

Google reportedly dropped the idea just before launch, since some marketing materials still referenced this feature and the smartphone itself announced it for a few beta users.

A feature exclusive to the Pixel 6 Pro

According to sources from the specialized site, the firm has decided to complete its fingerprint sensor with a face unlock option. This would only concern the Pixel 6 Pro and not Pixel 6. However, the two smartphones both have the ability to manage 2D facial recognition using their front camera. No 3D recognition system is used here, as was the case on the Pixel 4 for example. We can see it as a way for Google to better differentiate the offer between its last two devices.

Google has therefore chosen not to rely on the Soli radar, just what is captured by the smartphone’s front camera. The firm also touted the merits of its new Tensor chip when it released its smartphones, which it believes can detect faces better and faster, while consuming half the energy of a Pixel 5.

A project shelved, but not abandoned

One of the sources adds that Google is still working on the feature for the Pixel 6 Pro and it would be scheduled to arrive with the next quarterly Pixel update in June, although those plans may yet be made to move.

If that were to happen, this feature would be a nice (albeit somewhat belated) alternative for Pixel 6 Pro owners and should ruffle a few Pixel 6 users. Hopefully this feature will become a staple for all Pixels onwards. upcoming releases.

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