The Google smart lamp you won’t be able to buy

If you’re looking for another reason to work at Google, there’s a perfect one: the smart lamp intended exclusively for employees.

Google dLight

Google dLight

Connected home enthusiasts looking for the rare pearl will undoubtedly find a good reason to apply to Google. The company has just launched a new smart lamp “ dLightexclusively reserved for its employees. The product will only be probably never for sale outside of the company to our great disappointment.

Two essential functions

This dLight connected lamp fulfills two essential functions. The first is obvious, it’s a desk lamp. But the second, and the reason why Google offers it to its employees, is a 90 degree swivel hinge. This allows the user to shine the bright white bulb directly face cam .

The dLight is also designed for teleworking to improve lighting during video calls. With Google Assistant voice commands,Googlerscan roll out of bed, log into a meeting and activate dLight with minimal effort. It is also equipped with a USB-C connector.

The Google lamp is called the “dLight” and I confirmed that it’s not confidential. Again, this product will likely never be for sale outside of the company.

—Ben Gold (@bengold) February 11, 2022

After some research,9to5Googlefound the lamp listed with the FCC. The light supports Wi-Fi 4 and is manufactured by HCC Teletron (HK) Technology Co, a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Be aware that Google does not offer it to its employees, however. This lamp is sold for approximately 150 euros.

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