the government’s amendment causes a stir

The government’s last-minute amendment providing for financial participation by employees when they use their personal training account (CPF) has annoyed the group of Renaissance deputies, we learned from parliamentary sources on Tuesday.

During the closed meeting of the group, in the morning, the general rapporteur for the budget Jean-Ren Cazeneuve was surprised to have discovered this amendment in the finance bill that the government submitted to 49.3 for a new reading at ‘Assemble, participants reported to AFP.

Tabled on Saturday, the amendment in question was not discussed in committee at the Assembly. It provides for a form of co-payment by employees wishing to use their rights accumulated on their CPF.

Participation may be proportional to the cost of the training, within the limit of a ceiling, or fixed at a lump sum. A decree in Council of State will have to specify the modalities, the job seekers being exempted.

Present at the Renaissance meeting, the Minister Delegate for Vocational Training Carole Grandjean replied to Mr. Cazeneuve that the measure appeared in the ceiling letter between ministers. The Minister for Relations with Parliament Franck Riester apologized to the deputies on form.

This is a method that should not be repeated, warned the president of the group Aurore Berg.

Several deputies regretted the substance of the amendment, while the CPF was designed as a tool of freedom.

The CFDT reacted strongly Tuesday in a press release. A rest charge for the wages, it is not. This marks a clear renunciation of the freedom of use of the CPF, judges the central trade union. It is above all a notch what the CPF is, a device in the hand of the employee to build his professional career.

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This amendment is indeed a provision that will weigh more heavily on the most precarious employees, added the CGT for which the government would be well advised to better supervise the device in order to guarantee that it remains in the hands of the employee and not of the patronage.

Since its new version at the end of 2019 when it was switched to euros, the CPF has made it possible to finance 5 million training courses for 7 billion euros.

But the CGT points out that the CPF represents only 2.7 billion euros in the budget of France Competences, the governance body for vocational training in very large deficit, against 10.5 billion for the financing of apprenticeship in 2022 .

Rather than imposing social criteria for learning aids, the government prefers to reduce the rights of employees, denounces the union.

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