The graphic shows the network of routes – these are the secret Graz bicycle maps

It is a mega project! 100 million euros will be invested in the expansion of the cycle path network in Graz over the next few years. The details have so far been kept secret. The “Krone” now reveals the plans.

Two years have passed since the announcement that the cycle path network in Graz will be expanded. Anyone who wanted to know what exactly was planned was always put off: A project of this size needs time, they said.

Many questions still open
Now the “Krone” has been given a map showing the main and secondary cycle routes leading into the surrounding area. Mayor Siegfried Nagl (ÖVP) confirms their authenticity on request.

The map gives an overview of where bike paths are to be built in the Mur metropolis. However, many questions remain unanswered. One can hear that one lane and parking spaces are to be eliminated at the Joanneumring. “No comment,” says Nagl – when the planning is complete, the population will be informed.

Implementation is slowly picking up speed
Two new cycle paths are ready to go: in Puchstraße (along the Mühlgang) and in Weinzöttlstraße (from Hofer to the Jet petrol station) – construction has already started this year.