the green line bug affects these models after an update

The famous screen bug that displays a green line on certain Galaxy smartphones is back after a software update. Users contacted the manufacturer’s after-sales service, but their response was not what was expected.

Galaxy green line bug
Credits: Entropox via X (Twitter)

If all smartphone owners fear that one day a previously non-existent defect will appear, those who own a Galaxy from Samsung are probably a little more afraid than the others. They are infamous for being prone to what is called green line bug. As its name suggests, it displays a vertical line of green color across the entire height of the screen, without it being possible to make it disappear. Sometimes it is accompanied by a white horizontal line. The only solution is to replace the slab.

We don’t really know what causes this display defect, especially since it affects almost all of the manufacturer’s ranges. The Galaxy Note 20 is one of the victims, just like the recent Galaxy S24 Ultra. Even the foldable Z Flip 4 paid the price. The most plausible explanation is that an internal component related to the screen is fundamentally defective, then something like a strong rise in temperature of the device makes him give up the ghost. But this time, models hit by bug after software update.

These Galaxy smartphones are affected by the green line bug after a system update

Recently, many testimonies concerning the green line bug have been pouring in on social networks. All come from Galaxy S21 owners. All smartphones in the series are affected, even if the S21 Ultra and the S21 FE seem to be the most represented. In the majority of cases, the problem appears after installing a monthly security patchin this case that of March or April 2024.

Those affected turned to the Samsung after-sales service to obtain redress, but they quickly became disillusioned. The manufacturer doesn’t want to hear anything if the mobile is no longer under warranty, which is almost always the case given that the S21s were released 3 years ago. It is possible to have the screen replaced of course, but at a cost. Depending on the country, the operation can cost between €150 and €440 approximately, to which labor must sometimes be added. It’s expensive for a bug that we are not responsible for.

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