The Grinch: Christmas Adventures, the green bogeyman soon in a video game

Outright Games is now well known for its adaptations of films and other works of fiction into video games, often intended to be played with the family. The studio is working on Jumanji: Savage Adventuresbut today it unveils another title, inspired by the famous novel The Grinch who wanted to ruin Christmas.

Outright Games is actually associated with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to develop The Grinch: Christmas Adventures, a side-scrolling platformer Here is a presentation:

In this game inspired by the original illustrations of the famous story of Dr. Seuss, players will slip into the skin of the Grinch to spoil the Christmas of the inhabitants of Chouville. Accompanied by their dog Max, who will help them accomplish their dreadful mission by stealing as many gifts as possible, they will have to roam the town and face the joyful carols and magical lights symbolizing the Christmas spirit.
Players will solve puzzles to unlock special abilities and amazing gadgets (stun snowballs, Santa costume, candy cane lasso, jetpack, etc.), speed through the city streets on a sled or snowboard and discover the Christmas spirit to help the Grinch’s heart triple in size.

The Grinch: Christmas Adventures invites players to immerse themselves in a familiar universe where they will recognize the environments and characters of the tale, as well as a myriad of enchanting details that will delight all fans.

First published in 1957, written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss, The Grinch has evolved over the decades into a long tradition of Christmas storytelling. A rich and original universe has been created through books, films, musicals, collaborations with various celebrities, fashion accessories and more. The Grinch: Christmas Adventures is a modern take on a classic Christmas story, playable in local co-op mode for 2 people. The game offers accessibility features aimed at children aged 5 and up, to bring the wonderful fantasy world of Dr. Seuss to a new generation of fans.

The Grinch: A Christmas Adventure release date is set for October 13, 2023. on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can find the movie Grinchwith Jim Carrey, at 7 € on Amazon.

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