The Hitman Trilogy is announced for January 20, and is directly included in the Game Pass

We are approaching the first anniversary of the release of Hitman III, available since January 20, which had won over fans and critics and which was entitled to a whole year of follow-up fromIO Interactive. The studio plans to do it again in 2022 with a second year of content, presented during a special stream, which notably presented the Hitman Trilogy.

A birthday full of surprises

IO Interactive does not intend to do things by halves for this second year of Hitman III. We were first announced the arrival of a new mode, which looks like a rogue-like and which will be released in the spring of 2022, namely Freelance mode. We discover it today in this video, which also focuses on the arrival of Hitman VR on PC from January 20, and which allows you to play the entire trilogy in VR.

The Hitman Trilogy, which includes the three games, has also been formalized, and will be released in digital version on January 20 on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series. And good news, it will be directly included in the Xbox Game Pass consoles and PC, as soon as it is released.

As you will have understood, this also marks the arrival of the third game on Steam, and the studio declares that later in 2022, ray-tracing, VRS (Variable Rate Shading) and Intel XeSS technology will be integrated into this PC version.

If you wanted extra for the most dangerous bald guy on the planet (behind Vin Diesel), you’ve got it.

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