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Difficult start to the holidays for Queen Elizabeth II. Not in great shape, she cancels an event at Balmoral Castle.

Every summer, Queen Elizabeth II packs her bags at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, to spend the summer season there. At 96, the British monarch has not failed in this annual meeting. Upon his arrival, tradition dictates that the Queen is greeted by a guard of honour. In 2021, the 5th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland had the honor of welcoming the Queen. Moreover, tourists also take advantage of this opportunity to come and see the Queen of England. But this year, not everything is going as planned. The Queen’s welcome been canceled and replaced by a private event.

“The traditional welcome at Balmoral is normally cemented into the Queen’s calendar and something Her Majesty really appreciates, being able to greet locals who travel to see her.” a royal source told the Mirror. Before adding “It is a bitter disappointment that the ceremony is not taking place in its traditional form.” A last-minute program changei do not fail to raise concerns about the monarch’s health. Some see it as “a sign” that something happens.

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Elizabeth II in bad shape? Buckingham Palace speaks out

Following the cancellation of the reception of Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral, Buckingham Palace wanted to reassure the media about the state of health of the sovereign. It was therefore specified that this change of program was more suited to the queen’s schedules and her comfort. So there would be nothing to worry about. It should be noted, however, that it is the first time, excluding covid, that the queen’s reception has been cancelled. This year, she will attend a private event in the castle park. The monarch will also inspect the troops as usual, but the media will not be invited to the event. Usually the queen Elizabeth II stays at Balmoral until October. But she could make an exception this year. As a reminder, Boris Johnson, its prime minister, announced that he would step down on September 6. On this date, he will therefore officially present his resignation to the Queen and the latter will then announce the name of his next minister. So that’s the only reason why the queen Elizabeth II could take a break from her stay and return to London for the occasion.

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