the hypnotizing manicure that is a hit on Instagram

New nailista whim, aurora nails are everywhere on Instagram. We present to you this must-have manicure trend that creates bewitching reflections on our nails.

It’s been a while now that the nail art democratized. No need to have a regular appointment booked in a beauty salon to display the latest nail polish trends of the moment, the supplies to perform all types of manicures are just a click away, and the tutorials to learn how to do them well. also realize! If over the years, we have seen many colors and a host of patterns appear on our nails, now, these are the nail art effects that seem to be the most popular. Proof of this is with the velvet nails which were a great success during the end of the year 2020 celebrations with their pretty sparkling highlights that gave us the impression of having velvet nails. Good news, we have found their worthy successors for spring-summer 2021: the aurora nails.

What is a manicure aurora nails ?

New trend nail art from Korea (search for the hashtag # 오로라 네일 on Instagram), aurora nails are nails with fascinating holographic reflections that mimic the effect of the Northern Lights in the sky thanks to their multicolored appearance because they change according to the light to which the nails are exposed when we move our fingers. Displaying an iridescent and versatile look, the aurora manicure offers mesmerizing shimmering reflections that are also quite similar to the pearly reflections of the shells and scales of mermaid tails depending on the colors used to achieve it. No wonder then that she is emulated on Instagram as summer approaches!

5 examples of manicure aurora nails cannons

Aurora nails with discreet reflections

Aurora nails and glitter nails

Aurora nails almost pearly effect

Two different versions of aurora nails on the hands

Aurora nails that rely on transparency

As you will have understood, the results obtained with this type of effect manicure are diverse and varied. The reason ? The rendering depends entirely on the choice of material used to perform the manicure.

How to get a manicure aurora nails ?

To create this hypnotic multicolored effect – and a bit futuristic – in the rules of the art, you will have to equip yourself with a little special gel nail material (a base, a transparent building gel and a lamp to catalyze) , from a powder to nail art with iridescent reflections (in short, colored pigments chrome effect) and a transfer sheet foil with the colored reflections of your choice. Take the time to choose the colors of reflections that you like and make sure that the iridescent reflections of your powder are in perfect harmony with those of your holographic sheen. It is very important to flaunt a pretty manicure.

Essential shopping:

Good news, even if you will have to be patient to reproduce this manicure, the realization of a nail art aurora on its own is not the most complicated.

The nail art tutorial aurora nails step by step :

  • Prepare small pieces of paper with holographic highlights to suit the size and shape of your nails. You can opt for pieces that cover a good part of the nail plate or you can settle for thick strips of paper. foil that you will then place well in the center of your nails in due time.
  • Start by applying a clear gel nail base coat to your nails and catalyze it for 30 seconds under your lamp.
  • Apply chrome powder to your nails by rubbing it gently on the nail plate, with your finger or with a clean eyeshadow applicator, then remove any excess with a soft brush.
  • Add a clear base coat over your nails that you don’t catalyze this time around.
  • Apply immediately after the pieces of multi-colored effect paper on your nails.

If you have opted for pieces that cover most of the surface of your nails, be sure to press them against the surface of the nail so that they do not make unsightly folds.
If you preferred the strip format, place them in the center of your nails.

  • Catalyze between 30 and 60 seconds.
  • Finally, apply your transparent construction gel all over the nail and then catalyze again.

The key is a stunning Aurora manicure that really works!

And for those who prefer video explanations, here they are:

The express alternative to make you aurora nails ultra easily

Let it be said, the realization of this manicure is still not given to all given the necessary equipment and the number of steps to be performed. If you like this half-opalescent, half-holographic effect a lot but you don’t have time to make yourself a nail art complex or just not the money to invest in the equipment, you can also turn to effect nail polishes that will create beautiful highlights on your nails with just a few coats of polish. Don’t expect the fascinating effect you get with the chrome powder + paper combo foil, but it will still allow you to display a manicure that flirts with the trend aurora nails cheaper !

Varnishes with similar reflections

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