the ideal balayage that sublimates white hair

Whether your first gray hair is starting to take shape in your locks or is already well established, this balayage like no other has it all if you want to celebrate it at its true value. So what is gray blending? Decryption.

Long associated with the passing of time, the arrival of White hair had until then been dreaded for many. Indeed, once the first graying locks were installed, many sought to conceal them as much as possible, multiplying the colorings and appointments in hairdressing salons. However, in recent years – at the time of body positivism – there is no longer any question of being ashamed of your white hair. May those who wish to cover them up do so, may those who love each other with their white hair feel free to celebrate them fully ! At 20, 40, or 60 years old, natural color or voluntary discoloration, white hair is no longer a taboo and is now visible on all heads.
Do you want to tame your graying strands too, but don’t know how to go about it? This article is made for you ! Here, we reveal all the secrets of gray blending and the sublime rendering it leaves in the hair.

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The gray blending : What is that ?

This hair trend did not emerge in just any context: indeed, if self-acceptance has become the norm, so too have the confinement and repeated closures of hair salons. It is clear that the beauty habits of the French have been strongly impacted by this situation. While the return to the natural The same is true for coloring techniques requiring few visits to the hairdresser. And who is easier to maintain than a gray blending on graying hair? This technique, which you can translate as “mixture of gray”, does not differ from the classic balayage. It consists of mix different shades of gray in the hair which is already naturally endowed with it, for a rendering at the same time uniform, harmonious and natural. You will understand: a gray blending successful, these are finely discolored locks that blend into the whole hair in all subtlety, all without creating a root effect (even on regrowth).

The gray blending : for who ?

If the trend of gray blending will charm people wishing celebrate and enhance their white hair at best without taking the lead, this coloring also has something to seduce those about to fall for a ashy sweep.
On the other hand, know that it is rather recommended for fair hair (chestnut to blonde) or having at least 50% white hair, otherwise this technique will immediately look much less natural and will prove to be more difficult to maintain (since the regrowth will be darker). To counter this effect – if you are brown and your gray hair is still scarce – we recommend that you opt instead for a darker gray balayage to limit contrasts and demarcation.

How to maintain a gray blending ?

If the gray blending blends in perfectly with the natural color of your hair, in this case, the maintenance of your balayage will be relatively simple and that is precisely the point of this coloring technique so trendy and popular. No need to go to a hair salon every month (but rather every three or four months for a refresh). So that your gray blending radiates beauty, you will only have to maintain it as a beautiful blonde so that your hair does not turn yellow: blue or purple shampoos, conditioners and masks will soon become your best allies! And since white and / or bleached hair tends to be more brittle and drier, don’t forget to pamper it to keep it healthy and hydrated. Thanks to such maintenance, your hair will gain in shine and luminosity.

The perfect products to maintain your gray blending:

Be sure that the gray blending will bring movement and depth to your hair, while highlighting your gray hair to perfection. So, do you fall for this ultra-trendy coloring technique or are you still hesitating? Anyway: get inspired by these sublime beauty enhancements unearthed on Instagram under the hashtag #greyblending !

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Inverted balayage on white hair: why adopt it?

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