The ideal tips to reduce the consumption of your washing machine by half


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Household appliances, and in particular the washing machine, are very energy-intensive. Faced with the energy crisis and rising prices, there are some tips to reduce consumption.

Faced with the economic crisis and the decline in purchasing power, the French are hunting down unnecessary expenses. The energy sector having been among the hardest hit, save electricity appears decisive. After electric heating, household appliances are the most important consumer item. On most devices, however, there are energy-saving tricks.

This is particularly the case with washing machines. “Used on average two to four times a week, a washing machine can cost in water and electricity the equivalent of its purchase cost, explains the Ecological Transition Agency (Ademe). The first reflex to have is therefore to rationalize its use. It is advisable to buy a model whose size, and therefore consumption, corresponds to your use, and to fill the drum well. Choosing a washing machine with a good energy class rating is also important. A class A+++ device consumes almost three times less than a class B device.

Choose the right washing method

In addition to this common-sense method, it is advisable to choose less energy-consuming washing methods. The “Eco” modes allow you to spend less water and electricity, even if the cycle is longer. If the washing machine is not equipped with such a mode, it is possible to bet on a wash at low temperature. “The washing programs of current machines are sufficient, most of the time, and the pre-wash is unnecessary. Washing at 30°C consumes three times less energy that a wash at 90°C and a cold wash consumes twice as much as a wash at 40°C”details Ademe.

the type of drying is also decisive. The worst solution is to bet on a dryer. After the refrigerator, it is the most energy-consuming appliance in the house. Spinning also requires a lot of energy. As much as possible, it is therefore better to do without it, or at least to use the lowest speed. There are now washing machines with a drying function, but they “are not widespread and their drying efficiency is generally poor”notes the agency.

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