“The impression of being a bad mother”: Laure (Married at first sight) delivers a testimony without taboo

The candidate of Married at first sight is very close to his Instagram community. As soon as she can, Laure responds to messages from her subscribers and organizes live. On January 20, 2022, for example, she wanted to talk about a subject that was close to her heart, the stay in the maternity ward. The opportunity for the wife of Matthew to discuss his anxieties.

Laure and Matthieu’s life has changed thanks to Married at first sight (M6). The two 79% compatible candidates united during the filming and since then they have not left each other. They soon moved in together, and five months after the wedding, the blonde beauty became pregnant with their first child. A little girl named Lya, who was born on August 24, 2021. Like many women, the former swimming champion chose to give birth in the maternity ward. And she wanted to talk about her time there to remove some complexes.

Personally, I felt a lot of guilt during my stay in the maternity ward, because there are a lot of things that I didn’t feel. And I wanted it. I felt like a bad mother, although this was not necessarily the case.“, she first of all confided. She then poured out on her delivery which had to be triggered, because she had exceeded the term of a week. A situation which she did not expect. Fortunately, everything went well.

But, once her daughter was in her arms, the first doubts began to arise. “When I took Lya on me, I was very happy. But compared to all that was done to me, I wondered if I had a problem. (…) I did not feel as people said this unconditional love, this moment of transcendence between my baby and me. I told myself that she was very small and fragile and that it was up to me to take care of her now“, she remembered. Laure had the impression of not having the maternal instinct and blamed herself. Fortunately, she received other testimonies which quickly reassured her afterwards.

Laure’s anxieties at motherhood

But at the time, she was alone with her anxieties. And the time of first breastfeeding did little to calm them down. Lya not being able to latch on, she had to seek help from a midwife. She then hadfelt like she was”unable to feed [sa] girl. “I said to myself that I was no longer a woman, but a machine for producing milk. My image as a woman was gradually decomposing. (…) Impossible, Lya did not take the breast. There was no way, she was getting angry. It took until the 3rd or 4th day I think because I had called a lady in the night. I was even ashamed to call him because I told myself that I did not know how to take care of my daughter. That it had only been two days and that I felt overwhelmed“, she then recalled.

Laure had a hard time holding back her tears and felt ridiculous and incapable. She therefore resented the absences of Matthieu, who could not stay the nights with her. One day he found her in “an impossible state“. Tired and fearful, she was then unable to give her daughter a bath. Seeing that her husband was more at ease, she wondered if she was really ready to be a mother. The fact that she had to express her milk or the examinations that followed to check her bleeding in particular did not help either.

Things finally calmed down when she was offered to bottle-feed her daughter. Lya calmed down and slept better. His mom with. It still took her a month to take her place as a mother. A testimonial without taboos that should do good to many women.

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