The impressive physical transformation of Jake Gyllenhaal for his next film validated by a specialist in martial arts

Jake Gyllenhaal plays MMA fighter in Road House, a Prime Video movie. His impressive musculature made a martial arts specialist react.

When it comes to physical transformations, Jake Gyllenhaal is a regular in the genre. For Road House, a remake of the cult 90s film, the actor embarked on a fairly relentless physical training to slip into the shoes of an MMA fighter. To the point of impressing martial arts specialists.

He indeed needs a lot of muscle to take on the role of Patrick Swayze, who at the time played a bouncer hired to clean up a disreputable bar and came up against a local boss, who had taken control of the city…

In an interview given to GQ, MMA fighter Fabian Edwards reacted to the first images of Road House, where we see in particular Gyllenhaal in the ring. The actor reveals an impressive musculature:

I have the same build as him. Do not have too much mass because it slows you down. His body is well drawn, it can be seen that he has worked a lot on it. We believe in it, unlike Creed III where there’s this dude who hasn’t trained for years, who comes back into the ring and wins. Gyllenhaal’s (MMA) technique is good“.

In this filming video, we can indeed see the actor using the Flying Knee technique – a jump knee – before knocking out his opponent with his fists:

We don’t know exactly what routine did Gyllenhaal follow for Road House, but it might be similar to the one he followed for Belly Rage, a boxing movie where he gained 8 pounds of muscle through intense cardio training and weight training.

We will have to wait for the release of the film directed by Doug Liman (The Memory in the skin) on Prime Video to see the transformation with our own eyes. No date has been announced yet.

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