The incredible and too easy trick to achieve beautiful curls at home (we wouldn't have thought of it!): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

You don't have a curling iron or a straightening iron, but a great desire for waves to hang out on your balcony? Don't panic, social networks have the solution! For a few days, the hashtag #SockCurls went viral on the TikTok video platform. Kézako? It's about a unusual technique to make beautiful curls well drawn without heat. To do this, you simply need two or three pairs of socks the length of your hair. Then you just have to follow our tutorial:

1 / Wash your hair and wring it out with a towel. Untangle your hair perfectly. You can also apply a moisturizer for shiny curls.

2 / Part your entire hair by sections of about 5 centimeters. You will need a sock for each section.

3 / Place a first sock at the root of your first section. Hold the sock with pliers. Divide the section into two strands and pass them around the sock, to the tip. Repeat with all sections.

4 / Let it dry naturally overnight (or at least 6 hours).

5 / Once your hair is completely dry, take off the socks one by one. You then get great curls ! If you have fine hair, fix the movement under a veil of hairspray.

A technique that requires very little equipment and, above all, no heat that could damage your hair. So ready to test?

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