the inexpensive product that removes sand from the skin easily


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When we leave the beach, the sand follows us, stuck to the skin. But there is a simple way to get rid of it.

Whether you’re a bit of a fanatic or not, nobody likes sand sticking to their skin. In addition to irritating, it follows you home. It is moreover particularly unpleasant when you need to get dressed and put your shoes back on the way back from the seaside.

Rubbing with a towel will never remove everything. The effect is all the stronger when it comes to fine sand. A common and inexpensive product, long used in infant hygiene, offers a radical solution to easily remove wet sand in seconds. Against yellow grains, white powder should be used. Talc is indeed a formidable weapon in this area. Due in particular to the physical properties of sand, hydrophilic. Grains only stick because they are wet. It is for this reason that you cannot make pies with dry sand. The only perspiration, and a fortiori sea bathing, will therefore attract and stick the sand.

Absorb moisture to remove sand

However, talc contains silicate and magnesium. Components that absorb moisture much better than a towel. So just sprinkle an area with talc, then rub to remove the grains. Inexpensive and easy to transport, talc also has the benefit of being antifungal, which is very useful when you don’t have the opportunity to wash quickly when leaving the beach. More generally, it can be an ally during other summer activities, especially for people suffering from irritation linked to perspiration.

On the other hand, if talc is not prohibited as a hygiene product intended for children, it is on the other hand now strongly discouraged. Doubts persisting about its carcinogenic aspect, it can also penetrate the respiratory system of babies. It should therefore be reserved for adults and used sparingly.

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