the ingenious idea for eating ground chips without having to bite the sugar in the mouth

Very popular, earth chips are a delicious way to increase the amount of sugar in the blood. Fortunately, there is a way of tasting that reduces their impact on our blood sugar. An expert tells us she is perfect for this summer!

Classified by the most enthusiastic farmers, the most popular are the pâtés or rice, the terre fries part of our diet. It should be noted that they are eaten in several ways, which allows them to accompany many meats, fish and vegetables without letting them get too cold. Whether in water or steam, sautéed, rissoles, golden brown, reduced in fried fries or even in pureed fondant, they are delicious and will warm us up, all in an extremely cheap way.

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Feculent for a long time, diabolized in the regimes, the earth’s fruit is even the most feculent for health according to the doctors, because it has a poor habit of grimace our sugar drops in the blood. To benefit from its vitamins and nutrients, without the earth chips having a negative impact on your glycemiayou are therefore very interested in monitoring the cooking method that you use to eat your ground potatoes, because their preparation changes their glycemic index. It is therefore of great importance for your blood sugar. Frédérique Chataigner, nutritionist and food consumption psychologist, book author Self-hackingreleased into Top Health la best way of gathering this was to avoid sugar bits in very important blood. This astuce hyper facile to use and quite practically to reduce the glycemic index of your potatoes, simply consist of the let it cool down before eating. A technique to use without moderation so that you eat this delicious food!

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Glycémie: lack of cold soil chips to reduce the sugar content in the blood that provokes them

As nutritionist Frédérique Chataigner explains, “Eating cold and cold ground fruit can be beneficial for health, mainly because of the formation of resistant amides”. If the amidone mixture present in the earthenware does not transform during the process of cooling the vegetables after cooking, “a part of the amide that they contain is transformed” in resistant amide, and this is enough to make the difference by lowering your sugar levels in blood and therefore creating, at the same time, a lower blood sugar level.

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In effect, the resistant amid, contrary to the others, “It doesn’t digest well in the intestines and therefore passes into the large intestine where it acts like food fibre.” According to the expert, the presence of resistant amide in cold soil particles is “Moderate the levels of glucose”because it does not decompose into glucose. In addition, this type of amide produced even stronger earth chips.

Glycémie: here is the best way to cook your ground beef for cold meals

Yes, certain cooking methods are not suitable for the practical preparation of this dish, but are very useful for eating flakes without them grazing on our sugar cane in the mouth. Eating cold fries or a cold puree is therefore clearly not the best option. In return, the terre fries are eaten voluntarily in a cold salad when they are prepared using the best cooking method: in water (equivalent to steam cooking). You can also taste cold dishes once or twice a week without mixing them in salads, rather than accompanied by a more refreshing salad in cases of strong heat.

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Cooking local chips in water is therefore the best way to cook your local chips for cold meals afterwards, without it smelling like the gourmet method of their preparation. Cook the dough in casserole water or in a steamer without any grass-based ingredients, before leaving the earthenware to cool for a few hours in the refrigerator before the dish.

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