The interactive series Silent Hill Ascension makes its trailer

What if Silent Hill became a friendly experience? ” Face your trauma together “, we are instructed at the end of this video. Still announced for 2023, this interactive series project has called on Bad Robot Games and Behavior Interactif to collaborate on the artistic direction, but above all on Genvid Entertainment, a company known for The Walking Dead: Last Mile And Pac-Man Community, interactive experiences available on Facebook. We still do not know on which platforms it will be necessary to go exactly to view and make choices in Silent Hill Climbbut we are promised high quality streaming on different devices “. What is certain is that the fans will have a direct and permanent influence on the story and the characters of this production, which Konami claims as ” a canonical work of the Silent Hill franchise. »

Trauma Team

The story in question explores the intergenerational traumas of multiple protagonists in different locations around the world. And how it works will apparently invite us to log in every day. ” In Silent Hill Ascension, the course of history will be determined by the actions of millions of people. By the time the final scene airs, which characters will have survived? Will they be forgiven, cursed, or suffering? Even the creators of the project do not know how the story will end. The fate of the characters is in the hands of the audience. When it airs in 2023, Silent Hill Ascension will feature a must-see live story daily where each day will be different from the day before depending on audience actions. “, explains the press release.

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