The iPhone 15s are less popular than the 14s, 6G shatters speed records, here’s the recap

Apple sells fewer iPhone 15s than iPhone 14s, 6G breaks speed records, Crunchyroll drives up the bill, here’s the recap!

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While a man angry with SFR took Mercedes to court (I promise there’s a link), we learned that AMD wants to tackle Nvidia’s Ray tracing with its next graphics cards. At the same time, other Tech news marked the day of May 2, 2024. Here they are.

The iPhone 15s are less popular than the iPhone 14s

Who says everyone absolutely wants to get the latest iPhone model? By buyers obviously. According to CIRP figures for the first quarter of 2024, Apple sold fewer iPhone 15s than iPhone 14s over the same period in 2023, all models combined. An observation which is partly explained by the desire to spend less, pushing people to turn to models from one or two years ago.

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6G will reach much higher speeds than 5G

We are still waiting for complete coverage of the territory in 5G, but 6G is already making headlines by promising extraordinary performance, at least on paper. In a test, teams reached speeds of 100 Gbits per second. Enough to download a 4K movie or a triple A video game in just a few seconds. It makes you wonder if we will still need fiber in the future.

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Streaming platform Crunchyroll increases its prices, ouch

More discreet than Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ or Apple TV, the Crunchyroll streaming service specializing in anime announces a price increase. This makes sense since all other platforms have increased their prices. Both Crunchyroll plans are affected, namely the Fan subscription and the Mega Fan subscription. The company justifies its decision by recalling that the catalog now reaches 1,400 films and series, or more than 45,000 episodes. For your information, seeing everything would take 2 years of uninterrupted viewing.

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