The Kelly Family: Band goes on tour with family bus

The Kelly Family
Band goes on tour with family bus

The Kelly Family on the roof of their famous tour bus.

© Peter Bischoff / Getty Images

The double-decker bus is the symbol of the Kelly Family. Now they took it out of the moth box: it will go on tour in 2022.

The Kelly Family will return to the stage in 2022 after a two-year hiatus. The band has that “Image”– Newspaper confirmed. In autumn, Kathy (58), Patricia (51), Jimmy (50), Joey (48), John (54) and Paul Kelly (57) are going on a big Christmas tour through Germany. Concerts are planned in a total of 27 cities from November 18, 2022. Advance sales should start on Thursday. A surprise on the tour: the famous family double-decker bus.

The band traveled across Europe in this vehicle from the 1970s onwards. “All tours of the Kelly Family before the breakthrough were carried out by bus. It is the heart of the Kelly Family, I associate it with my whole childhood and my parents,” explains Joey Kelly in the “Bild” interview. “The bus was built in 1962 and was last approved by the TÜV last week,” says the 48-year-old. Before that, it had been out of service for 27 years and housed in a hall. “It was a lot of work to make it fit for driving and TÜV again.”

This family member is not included

Angelo Kelly (39), who retired from the band in 2020, will not be on the tour, according to “Bild”, he is planning performances with his own family. Before the tour starts next year, the band wants to give their fans presents for Christmas again this year: On Tuesday, the musicians will release the song “One More Happy Christmas”. The song from 1994 was re-recorded and produced in a modern way. In addition, an EP with three more songs is to be released on November 26th.

Own TV documentary should run in 2022

At the beginning of September it was announced that the band would be back with new music and a four-part documentary series. RTLzwei confirmed on its homepage that the Kelly Family will get its own documentary soap, which will be broadcast in 2022. The station will accompany the musicians on a trip to the “most important stages of their careers”. In addition, the original Kelly bus will be restored. The family explained on Instagramthat the Kellys’ houseboat should also be used and places all over Europe to be visited.


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