The King of Fighters XV: a release date, visuals and a gameplay trailer for Team South Town

It has now been several months since The King of Fighters XV is available, but its roster clearly has not finished growing. Thus, all players were able to get free Omega Rugal last April, which accompanied the addition of a mode Boss Challenge. Shortly before, the owners of the Team Pass 1 had been able to find the familiar faces of Rock Howard, Gato and B.Jenetmember of the Team Garou. The logical continuation already announced, it is thus the arrival of Geese Howard, Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki of the Team South Townwhich has just been dated.

So it’s next week, Tuesday, May 17, that these three characters will become playable, at least if you buy them. We discover along the way their gameplay in this episode, with Billy Kane still fighting with his santetsukon and techniques of bojutsu, Ryuji Yamazaki who…simply kicks and punches nonchalantly, when not succumbing to his murderous impulses, and the great Geese Howard whose control of chi involved in martial arts is still just as formidable. For fans of this trio, SNK even provided bonus costumes. Visuals are also available on the next page.

All players will receive free on the same day an update adding to the DJ station music from The King of Fighters Neowavewithout further details, as well as adjustments for all roster. And as a reminder, a Team Pass 2 will be released this summer, again with two teams of three characters coming out by the end of the year.

Yes The King of Fighters XV heats you up, it’s still on sale on Amazon, from €49.40.

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