The kitchen mistake we all make that can ruin parties

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You have planned everything for your Christmas meal but it could be that an oversight ruins everything. A misstep that many make at the time of the holidays.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. Your Christmas menu is decided, your shopping is done, your makeup is decided, and your sequin dress is purchased. But what about your house?

If you are the host this year, it is almost certain thata detail will have escaped you in the preparation from your home before the guests arrive. However, this detail could be very important.

In The Mirrora specialist in cleaning products warns of a step not to be skipped during her pre-party cleaning. Chemist Olivia Yong warns future householders: ignore the cleaning your kitchen equipment in particular could well ruin the Christmas dinner.

It is true that we generally concentrate on dusting and cleaning “what is seen” the most by the guests. But you have to think about clean your oven to “be able to cook dinner to perfection” according to her. She adds: “A dirty oven can affect the taste of food and create a rather unpleasant odor in the House”.

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A detail not to forget for your Christmas meal

Olivia Yong advises applying to remove dirt and charred food scraps inside his oven before New Year’s Eve, as well as the grill and the baking sheet.

She also recommends don’t get too exhausted trying to clean everything “Concentrate on rooms that are going to be used during the Christmas period, such as your living room, kitchen, bathroom and guest bedrooms. If your guests are sleeping over Christmas time, it’s important to remember that they’re not there to inspect your home, so try not to worry about getting it spotlessly clean!”

In addition to the oven, The bathroom also requires your particular attention, its possible molds and its limestone. A toilet block will keep the toilets clean. And don’t forget the dust, which once removed makes your home look spotless. Now it’s up to you to apply the strategy that suits you best.

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