The “Krone” podcast – “Want to break the anti-peasant dominance”

In the “Krone” podcast on the 2021 Chamber of Agriculture election, Manfred Muhr declares war on the dominance of the farmers’ union.

As the current Vice President of the Carinthian Chamber of Agriculture, Manfred Muhr from the List of Freedom and Independent Farmers wants to ensure that the country’s farmers have a future in the next five-year period and beyond. “Funding has to reach the farmer and forestry manager, not the corporations. List 2 clearly wants to increase farm income and reduce burdens, ”Muhr promises the 62,000 potential voters who will be asked to vote on November 7th.

Identification of origin required
The farmer and forester from Moosburg sums it up in the “Krone” podcast: “Public money with a standard value must be a thing of the past, the mandatory labeling of origin for food must be implemented urgently!”

Fight for young farmers
The Freedom and Independent Peasantry has also set itself the goal of providing low-cost insurance for young farmers and increasing the farmers’ pension. “We fight for those people who work for the preservation of our rural culture every day!”

You can listen to the podcast for LWK election 21 on, on Spotify, Amazon Music and wherever there are podcasts.

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