The landscapes of Harry Potter rock you in ASMR

Hogwarts Legacy seems to bring great attention to detail to its environments as this latest video highlights.

If you feel like relaxing, then this latest Hogwarts Legacy video is for you. It is simply a series of landscapes that come from the game and therefore from the Harry Potter saga. While some are clearly new and exclusive to the RPG, others may remind you of good memories, very evocative of the films.

Hogwarts Legacy AMSR version

As you can see above, Avalanche Software wanted to offer a video in ASMR format, in which we can be lulled by the sound of the various environments that we can cross in the game. This goes from the garden of Hogwarts to passing by a waterfall and part of what appears to be Hogsmeade. In short, a visual and sound delight that will speak a lot to lovers of exploration.

Because yes if Hogwarts Legacy is an adventure / RPG game, it should offer large exploration phases to discover all this magical world. We will also note a very particular attention in the visual rendering (in 4K in the video) which suggests a quality graphic part.

Remember that a new presentation of the game will be unveiled during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live with new content and at least one new trailer. Hogwarts Legacy is due out February 10, 2023 on PS4, PS, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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