The Last Kingdom on Netflix: fans in tears but satisfied with the epic end of Uhtred in the film Seven Kings Must Die

Fans of The Last Kingdom were impatiently awaiting it: the film Seven Kings Must Die is available on Netflix. And they were happy with the end of Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon). Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen the film Seven Kings Must Die before continuing to read this article.

Fans of The Last Kingdom had the pleasure of reuniting with the hero Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) in an unreleased film which concludes the series adapted from the novels of the literary series. Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

Available on Netflix and titled Seven Kings Must Die, this feature film directed by Edward Bazalgette puts Uhtred, who reigns over Northumbria, in an awkward position. The death of King Edward destroys the already fragile harmony that reigned between the inhabitants of the island of Britain and the Danish invaders.

Uhtred finally realizes his dream

Aethelstan, the former ward and protege of Uhtred, ascends to the throne. But the latter, under the influence, has changed a lot and he has embarked on a merciless war against formidable opponents. Uhtred’s dreams of a united England are shattered and he must choose between loyalty to Aethelstan and loyalty to his land and people.

The film Seven Kings Must Die puts an end to the epic of Uhtred but also recounts the creation of the English identity. After a succession of plots, strategies and betrayals, Aethelstan finally sides with Uhtred and will work to form a unified England by winning the famous battle of Brunanburh.


Uhtred obviously takes part in the fight but he will leave some feathers there. The feature film ends with Aethelstan’s victory and a final glorious speech by Uhtred before he breathes his last.

The end of Uhtred’s adventures was highly anticipated by fans of the series and the movie Seven Kings Must Die concludes its story perfectly. The public shared their opinion of this feature film on social networks and it seems that they are satisfied with this end, which tore some tears from some fans.

The movie Seven Kings Must Die is available on Netflix.

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