The Last of Us Part I: A new very quick comparison published by Naughty Dog

In just a month, we will be able to discover how much The Last of Us Part I reinvents the now cult PS3 game, with improved visuals and other changes that should make the experience more enjoyable and modern. But for the moment, Naughty Dog hasn’t yet managed to convince everyone about the need for this remake’s contributions, knowing that the base game is still very pleasing to the eye today. This is why the studio is now offering us a new comparison to better understand the work done.

Landscapes more beautiful than ever

It is via a very short video posted on Twitter that the studio has fun comparing the remaster released on PS4 to the remake that awaits us on PS5.

In order not to spoil too much, we are shown here a relatively calm sequence with our duo on horseback in nature, which is perfect to better highlight the work done on the lighting and on the modeling of the environments.

The PS4 remaster then inevitably appears very dull, while the remake gives a more realistic appearance. Will this be enough to convince the public to buy, nothing is less certain.

The Last of Us Part I will be released on September 2 on PlayStation 5, and at a later date on PC. The title recently went gold and should not show any delay.

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