The Last of Us season 2: bad news for fans

Have you devoured the first season of The Last of Us and are you waiting for the second round of episodes on a firm footing? You will have to arm yourself with patience.

While the first season of The Last of Us ended recently, fans are already thinking about the second round of episodes already ordered by HBO. The second season of the series worn by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will adapt a good part of the second opus of the video game franchise.

The interpreter of Joel Miller had hinted that the filming of this season 2 could most certainly begin during the year. But the one who gives life to Ellie Williams recently clarified the statements of her playing partner. And the fans will have to face bad news.

When will The Last of Us season 2 be released?

In a recent interview with The IndependentBella Ramsey warned fans that they will have to be patient since the second season of The Last of Us should not be visible until 2025:

“It’ll be out in a while. I think we’ll probably be shooting late this year, maybe early next year. So[Season 2]will probably be out late 2024, early 2025.”

If this is bad news for fans, who will have to wait a little while, it is not surprising, however, when we know that it took almost two years to put in a box the first season of the series. Co-showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin are committed to delivering the best adaptation of The Last of Us possible and that takes time.

But don’t worry, season 2 is already in development, as evidenced by one of the latest tweets from the creator of the video games and co-president of Naugthy Dog, which teases the arrival of Abby, a character very important of the second video game, via the image of a very muscular arm and a hand holding a hammer, which should bring back good (or bad) memories to players.

Translation: “No episode of The Last of Us on HBO tonight. But season 2 is already on the way! Endure and survive!”

While waiting to be able to discover the second season of The Last of Us, we encourage you, if you haven’t already, to play or replay video games! The series has also exploded sales by more than 200%.

You have a little less than two years to immerse yourself in the universe or immerse yourself in it again and especially to know the rest of the adventures of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us: Part II, if you are too impatient.

The Last of Us series is available on Prime Video in France.

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